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Miss Fantasy Philippines 2021 results: Catriona Gray crowns Steffi Aberasturi in Baguio City


Miss Fantasy is a fantasy beauty pageant powered by FIGHT CROWN. It has 10 branches namely Miss Fantasy Universe, Miss Fantasy World, Miss International Fantasy, Miss Fantasy Earth, Miss Supranational Fantasy, Miss Grand Fantasy, Miss Intercontinental Fantasy, Miss Fantasy Globe, Miss Eco Fantasy and Señorita Fantasía.

The competition is open to all women aged 18-30 who were never married, were never convicted of a crime and have never given birth. There is no height requirement.

The Philippines’ representatives to these fantasy international competitions are chosen via Miss Fantasy Philippines. All of the names of persons, brands and places mentioned here are real but their involvement in this competition is just a fantasy. Enjoy.

Miss Fantasy
  • beauty pageant: Miss Fantasy Philippines
  • edition: 1st
  • venue: Baguio City, Philippines
  • date: November 7, 2021
  • candidates: 30
  • hosts: James Deakin, Miriam Quiambao
  • performers: SB19, BGYO, BINI



The ceremony opens with a sing-and-dance performers by BINI. Joining them onstage are the 30 candidates wearing casual wear by LGR Sportswear and Renegade Folk. Right after the performance, the candidates introduce themselves one by one.

After the candidates’ introductions, we go to commercial break featuring the 10 major sponsors of Miss Fantasy Philippines 2021.



  1. Alaiza Flor Malinao, 28, Davao
  2. Anita Rose Gomez, 19, Olongapo City
  3. Beatrice Luigi Gomez, 26, Cebu City
  4. Emmanuelle Vera, 26, Taguig City
  5. Gabrielle Basiano, 23, Eastern Samar
  6. Ganiel Krishnan, 26, Cavite
  7. Janelle Lewis, 19, Angeles City
  8. Kathleen Joy Paton, 24, of Aklan
  9. Katrina Dimaranan, 28, Taguig
  10. Kirsten Delavin, 22, Masbate
  11. Kristi Celyn Banks, 26, Mandaluyong City
  12. Leren Mae Baustista, 28, Laguna
  13. Maria Andrea Abesamis, 29, Pasig City
  14. Marydale Entrata, 24, Cagayan de Oro
  15. Maureen Wroblewitz, 23, Pangasinan
  16. Michelle Arceo, 23, Quezon City
  17. Michele Gumabao, 29, Quezon City
  18. Mirjan Hipolito, 24, Angeles City
  19. Patricia Babista, 23, Quezon
  20. Patrizia Garcia, 27, Manila
  21. Pauline Amelinckx, 26, Bohol
  22. Rabiya Mateo, 24, Iloilo City
  23. Sandra Lemonon, 27, Taguig City
  24. Skelly Ivy Florida, 22, Biliran
  25. Sofia Lopez Galve, 24, Rizal
  26. Steffi Rose Aberasturi, 26, Cebu Province
  27. Tatyana Alexi Austria, 18, Parañaque City
  28. Trisha Martinez, 23, Laguna
  29. Vickie Rushton, 29, Negros Occidental
  30. Victoria Vincent, 26, Cavite



  • Datu Puti
  • Figaro Coffee
  • Magnolia
  • Malagos Chocolate
  • National Book Store
  • LGR Sportswear
  • Renegade Folk
  • Sarao Motors
  • Smart Communications, Inc.
  • Universal Robina



From the commercial break, a voice over introduces the masters of ceremony James Deakins and Miriam Quiambao. The hosts have a quick chat before they introduce the board of judges.

The hosts then welcome BGYO who perform a sing-and-dance number. They are joined onstage by the 30 candidates wearing swimsuit.

After the performance, BGYO exists while the 30 candidates wearing swimsuit remain onstage. The hosts announce the winners of the three special awards and 10 sponsors’ awards. The winner of Miss Popularity earns a spot in the Top 20. Then we go to commercial break.



  • Aimee Carandang (1st female commercial pilot from the Philippines)
  • Brillante Mendoza (1st Cannes Film Festival Best Director from the Philippines)
  • Gemma Cruz-Araneta (1st Miss International from the Philippines)
  • Gloria Diaz (1st Miss Universe from the Philippines)
  • Hidilyn Diaz (1st Olympic gold medalist from the Philippines)
  • Jaclyn Jose (1st Cannes Film Festival Best Actress from the Philippines)
  • John Arcilla (1st Venice Film Festival Best Actor from the Philippines)
  • Karla Henry (1st Miss Earth from the Philippines)
  • Lea Salonga (1st Tony Award winner from the Philippines)
  • Megan Young (1st Miss World from the Philippines)



  • Miss Congeniality: Alaiza Flor Malinao (Davao)
  • Miss Photogenic: Maureen Wroblewitz (Pangasinan)
  • Miss Happiness: Marydale Entrata (Cagayan de Oro)
  • Miss Elegance: Steffi Rose Aberasturi (Cebu Province)
  • Miss Popularity: Kirsten Delavin (Masbate)



  • Miss Datu Puti: Katrina Dimaranan (Taguig)
  • Miss Figaro Coffee: Katrina Dimaranan (Taguig)
  • Miss Magnolia: Kirsten Delavin (Masbate)
  • Miss Malagos Chocolate: Katrina Dimaranan (Taguig)
  • Miss National Book Store: Victoria Vincent (Cavite)
  • Miss LGR Sportswear: Maureen Wroblewitz (Pangasinan)
  • Miss Renegade Folk: Maureen Wroblewitz (Pangasinan)
  • Miss Sarao Motors: Leren Mae Baustista (Laguna)
  • Miss Smart Communications, Inc: Kirsten Delavin (Masbate)
  • Miss Universal Robina: Marydale Entrata (Cagayan de Oro)



From 30 candidates, who are wearing swimsuit, the hosts announce the Top 3. One of them wins Best in Swimsuit. The hosts then announce the other 16 (or 17) candidates who will complete the Top 20, which already includes Miss Popularity. Then we go to a long commercial break while the Top 20 semifinalists prepare for the long gown competition.


TOP 20

Best in SwimsuitSteffi Rose Aberasturi (Cebu Province)
2nd placeKatrina Dimaranan (Taguig)
3rd placeMaureen Wroblewitz (Pangasinan)
SemifinalistsAlaiza Flor Malinao (Davao)
Kirsten Delavin (Masbate)
Kathleen Joy Paton (Aklan)
Sandra Lemonon (Taguig City)
Vickie Rushton (Negros Occidental)
Victoria Vincent (Cavite)
Leren Mae Baustista (Laguna)
Marydale Entrata (Cagayan de Oro)
Beatrice Luigi Gomez (Cebu City)
Emmanuelle Vera (Taguig City)
Patricia Babista (Quezon)
Skelly Ivy Florida (Biliran)
Ganiel Krishnan (Cavite)
Pauline Amelinckx (Bohol)
Rabiya Mateo (Iloilo City)
Maria Andrea Abesamis (Pasig City)
Patrizia Garcia (Manila)



SB19 members serenade the audience and the judges with a romantic song. After the performance, the 20 semifinalists wearing long gown exhibit their grace and elegance onstage along with a voiceover about their respective professions, family and educational background, hobbies, dreams and advocacies.

We go to a quick commercial break. When we return, from the 20 semifinalists still wearing evening, the hosts announce the 10 finalists. They start with the Top 3. From the Top 3, one will win Best in Evening Gown.

We go to a quick commercial break again. When he return, the hosts announce the seven finalists who will complete the Top 10. We go straight to the question-and-answer portion. Each candidate will randomly pick a number from 1-10, which corresponds the judge who will ask the question. Then we go to commercial break.


TOP 10

Best in Evening GownSteffi Rose Aberasturi (Cebu Province)
2nd placeKirsten Delavin (Masbate)
3rd placeVickie Rushton (Negros Occidental)
FinalistsKatrina Dimaranan (Taguig)
Victoria Vincent (Cavite)
Maureen Wroblewitz (Pangasinan)
Sandra Lemonon (Taguig City)
Marydale Entrata (Cagayan de Oro)
Emmanuelle Vera (Taguig City)
Kathleen Joy Paton (Aklan)


SB19 members serenade the 10 finalists still wearing long gown onstage. After the performance, the 10 honorary 2020 queens and the 10 judges join the hosts onstage and crown the winners.

Hidilyn Diaz and Teresita Marquez crown Señorita Fantasía Filipinas. Aimee Carandang and Cynthia Thomalla crown Miss Eco Fantasy Philippines 2021. Brilliante Mendoza and Maureen Montagne crown Miss Fantasy Globe Philippines 2021. John Arcilla and Cinderella Obeñita crown Miss Interncontinental Fantasy Philippines 2021. Jaclyn Jose and Samantha Bernardo crown Miss Grand Fantasy Philippines 2021. Lea Salonga and Mutya Datul crown Miss Supranational Fantasy Philippines 2021. Karla Henry and Roxanne Baeyens crown Miss Fantasy Earth Philippines 2021. Gemma Cruz-Araneta and Hannah Arnold crown Miss International Fantasy Philippines 2021. Megan Young and Tracy Maureen Perez crowned Miss Fantasy World Philippines. Gloria Diaz and Catriona Gray crown Miss Fantasy Universe Philippines 2021..


Señorita Fantasía Filipinas
Emmanuelle Vera
Taguig City
Teresita Marquez
Miss Eco Fantasy Philippines
9th place
Kathleen Joy Paton
Cynthia Thomalla
Miss Fantasy Globe Philippines
8th place
Sandra Lemonon
Taguig City
Maureen Montagne
Miss Intercontinental Fantasy Philippines
7th place
Marydale Entrata
Cagayan de Oro
Cinderella Obeñita
Miss Grand Fantasy Philippines
6th place
Vickie Rushton
Negros Occidental
Samantha Bernardo
Miss Supranational Fantasy Philippines
5th place
Maureen Wroblewitz
Mutya Datul
Miss Fantasy Earth Philippines
4th place
Kirsten Delavin
Roxanne Baeyens
Miss International Fantasy Philippines
3rd place
Katrina Dimaranan
Hannah Arnold
Miss Fantasy World Philippines
2nd place
Victoria Vincent
Tracy Maureen Perez
Miss Fantasy Philippines
(Miss Fantasy Universe Philippines)
1st place
Steffi Rose Aberasturi
Cebu Province
Catriona Gray

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