Beauty Pageants

Miss Fantasy 2021 calendar of events


Miss Fantasy is a fantasy beauty pageant powered by FIGHT CROWN. It has 10 branches namely Miss Fantasy Universe, Miss Fantasy World, Miss International Fantasy, Miss Fantasy Earth, Miss Supranational Fantasy, Miss Grand Fantasy, Miss Intercontinental Fantasy, Miss Fantasy Globe, Miss Eco Fantasy and Señorita Fantasía.

The inaugural editions of these fantasy international competitions will be held from November 2021 to December 2021. Here is the calendar of events:

Señorita Fantasía 2021November 13, 2021
Miss Eco Fantasy 2021November 14, 2021
Miss Fantasy Globe 2021November 20, 2021
Miss Intercontinental Fantasy 2021November 21, 2021
Miss Grand Fantasy 2021November 27, 2021
Miss Supranational Fantasy 2021November 28, 2021
Miss Fantasy Earth 2021December 4, 2021
Miss International Fantasy 2021December 5, 2021
Miss Fantasy World 2021December 11, 2021
Miss Fantasy Universe 2021December 12, 2021
Miss Fantasy

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