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Kamanjab’s Annerie Maré is Miss Namibia 2021 first runner-up

Annerie Maré, 26, of Kamanjab, Kunene, Namibia almost won Miss Namibia 2021. She was first runner-up.

Hosted by Adriano Visagie, the Miss Namibia 2021 coronation ceremony took place in Windhoek, Namibia on June 5, 2021 and was broadcast live on NBC1. Nic Kruger, Umbi Karuaihe, Ntwala Mwilima, Cynthia Schimming and Robinson Hangula served as the judges.

Including Maré, 15 finalists competed for the title. Crowned Miss Namibia 2021, Chelsi Tashaleen Shikongo, 23, of Walvis Bay, Erongo, Namibia will compete in Miss Universe 2021.

Michelle Mukuve, 21, of Rundu was second runner-up while Aurelia Samuyenga, 23, and Chane Anne Marshall, 26, finished in the Top 5. Before being named as Miss Namibia 2021 first runner-up, Maré was given the Miss Fitness award.


Maré is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in counseling. The Kamanjab native loves traveling and is interested in being actively involved in developments in the tourism, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

In 2012, Maré participated in the Eagles’ Wings Girls and Horses program in the United States. In April 2015, she launched Eagles’ Wings Africa.

“I like new adventures and to explore life and culture,” Maré told The Namibian more than a month before the Miss Namibia 2021 coronation ceremony. “I would work hard for agriculture in various villages and small towns in Namibia.”

It has yet to be confirmed if Maré is representing Namibia in an international beauty pageant. Miss Namibia 2019 first runner-up Julita-Kitwe Mbangula was Miss Africa Calabar 2020 second runner-up.

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